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Traveling with Kids: Tips on How to Survive a Flight

Traveling with Kids: Tips on How to Survive a Flight


It is that time of the year when most of us are traveling either to visit family or for leisure. Traveling with children can be difficult, but with a little bit of planning, it CAN be manageable and enjoyable. The first time we flew with our boy, Jack, he was 6-months-old. The flight was 2 hours long and we felt like super parents being able to do this so we decided to book an international flight to Colombia 3 months later with two different flights and 6 hours of flying time. It required a little more planning but since then, we have flown with two kids for many different reasons over 20 times. 

“Traveling with children can be difficult but with a little bit of planning it CAN be manageable and enjoyable!”

Below are 14 helpful tips to conquer traveling with your little ones!

1. Give your little one something to drink or eat as the plane takes off and lands. It will keep their ears from building up pressure.

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2. Make your Little ones excited about flying. I am huge on explaining what will be happening during our day. I begin the day before, letting them know we will be going on a trip! How fun it will be! I explain how long it will be and compare it to movie times. For example: "Kate! We are going on an airplane from Atlanta to Orlando! Isn't that exciting? The flight is about 1.5 hours so if you watch frozen once we will be there!"

3. I love letting my littles have the opportunity to plan with me.  I let them pick the movies they want to take on the plane ( I normally download them to our iPad) and I let them pick three snacks to take in the plane with them.  I pack them a little special bag with their snacks a coloring book, hand sanitizer and a change of clothes. It makes them feel extra special :-)  

4. Bring your stroller!!!  Did you know that when you fly with kids in a stroller, you don’t have to make the loooong security line at the airport? They will let you and your family go in a special line through security. You are allowed to bring water for your baby's formula (they will just test it during security) and you won't have to take their shoes off to go through security.

5. If you need a car seat at your destination,  you can bring your car seat in the plane at no charge. Most airlines will allow you to sit your baby in the carseat if you purchased a seat for them. If they are YOUNGER than 2, most airlines will allow them to fly for free if they sit on your lap! You will need to check  the carseat though.  The other option is to get a rental car with a car seat on it.

6. When traveling with babies, you can save some bag space by ordering diapers or formula online and have them shipped to your destination. This is when Amazon prime comes in handy :-)

7. Purchase a mommy hook !  It will allow you to hang the kids' bags and other things on their stroller!!! We know that as mommies, we can never have enough hands!

8. Bring coloring books, and "look-and-find" books. They will be entertained for hours!

9. Work hard on allowing your baby to have a normal nap and good night of sleep the day before. Your well-rested baby will feel much better during travel time!

10. If you are flying internationally, don’t bring fruits as their snacks. They will not let you  bring them into a foreign country. I like to pack my kids individually packed hummus or guacamole because they love to dip chips or carrots. It keeps them full AND entertained : ). You can usually find these snacks at Costco or Whole Foods.

11. Give everyone breakfast or lunch before boarding. They will definitely do better on a full tummy! It will also give you peace of mind when they are snacking away all throughout the flight.

12. If possible, book an early flight. Kids (unlike adults) are most alert and better behaved in the morning. If your baby is a great napper, bring their blanket/lovie so that they can nap on the plane.

13. Finally, take your little one potty before boarding the plane (airplane bathrooms are not ideal for anyone haha)

14. Don't forget to bring your child's birth certificate if you are traveling within the country. Not only will this serve as identification, but it proves the age of your child (important if your child is under 2 and can fly for free). Your child will also need a passport if you are planning to travel abroad.

You got this momma! Happy traveling! If you want additional information on useful baby traveling products, be sure to check out Jen Reviews.

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